The Johnny Sack

The Johnny Sack at Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches
Eddie D's is a new Italian deli in northwest Las Vegas, operated by a family of East Coasters with South Philly/Jersey roots. They decided to open a joint with the familiar tastes of back home, something they just couldn't find here in the desert. Several sandwiches later, this is my favorite shop in the city right now. The menu combines high quality product from the well-known, reliable Thumann's company with some fresh, homemade hot stuff like meatballs and 10-hour roasted pork and beef.

The Johnny Sack was my first experiment at Eddie D's. The menu has an entire section of "signature" sandwiches named after characters from The Sopranos. The Johnny Sack has hot capacola, prosciutto and very, very sharp provolone cheese, with standard fixings of oil and vinegar dressing, lettuce, tomato and onion. The meat is of the highest quality, particulary the buttery prosciutto, and the cheese, delivered in thick chunks instead of thin slices, is a unique treat. It packs the flavor of a dry parmesan with extra moisture. Eddie's prefers to serve its sandwiches on hard rolls like this one, but you can get your pick on a softer roll or on white, rye or wheat bread. This roll is perfect, with a crackling outside and chewy inside.

This is just the beginning of our exploration of Eddie D's.

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