Naked Sandwich

Naked Sandwich (with roast beef) at Naked City
Naked City is a new sandwich shop in downtown Las Vegas and something sorely needed in this town: neighborhood joints operated by people who put their menu together with lots of love. With the exception of the bread, everything served is made on site from scratch. These East Coast guys roast their own tri-tip, turkey and honey ham, mix their own mayo, mustard and salad dressings, and even make their own pickles (which are spicy and delicious). The simple, minimalist menu really has three sandwich options (Naked, Naked Royal with mild Italian sausage, capicola and fresh mozzarella, and Naked Veggie) to which you can add your choice of toppings.

For my first visit, I decided to go basic with roast beef, but the flavorful extras really put this one over the top. This has roasted but still deliciously rare tri-tip with lettuce, tomato, green chili mustard and horseradish on a Kimmelweck roll. The salt on the roll added an extra savory kick, but the roll itself was a bit dry. This was the only real drawback for this sandwich. The beef was lean and reminded me of the many mornings I've eaten a cold steak leftover from a ridiculously expensive dinner the night before: very beefy flavor. The mustard kept things moist and the horseradish cut deep, the perfect complement in every meaty bite. As much as I admire the short menu at Naked City -- it's pretty close to a deli-style restaurant concept I've been thinking about -- I kinda wish there were more options. The first taste hints at great potential.

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