The Popeye

The Popeye at Shari's Diner
Shari's Diner is a total throwback, a '50s-style joint complete with milkshakes and meatloaf. I would argue flame-broiled burgers are what they do best, and they get pretty creative. The Popeye Burger is one of these innovations.

Piled on top of a very well executed half-pound patty on a shiny, almost eggy bun resides a generous portion of creamy feta cheese, two long, crispy strips of bacon and a neat pile of fresh spinach. It sounds and tastes delicious, especially the mixing of the feta and the pure beefy flavor. But what sets this burger apart is a sweet, tangy lemon zest dressing. Shari herself said this thing is supposed to be a spinach salad on a burger, and the dressing reinforces that idea. Surprisingly, the beef, cheese, salty bacon and bitter spinach are further enhanced by this almost candy-sweet dressing. Doesn't sound like it would work out, but it does.

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