Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's
Back in high school, we used to race to the nearest fast food joint that wasn't McDonald's, Wendy's, in order to devour some junk and get back to campus in 30 minutes flat. It wasn't easy. Since I never have been a fan of the greasy fried squareburgers this pigtailed witch is serving up, I sought out different menu options. The spicy chicken sandwich was a treasure, relatively speaking. The spice on this breaded, fried chicken breast is actually decent, with a little flavor and enough heat. We discovered that dousing it with barbecue sauce only improved it. As long as you don't get a rotten tomato slice, aged mayo or brown lettuce (and let's face it, the odds of self-poisoning are pretty high here), this is a respectable fast-food sandwich. If only Wendy's could upgrade its bun and veggies, maybe this thing would be more ... edible.

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