Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Sandwich

Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Sandwich at Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box describes this new creation as "roasted turkey, bacon and cheddar cheese with a sun-dried tomato sauce on grilled artisan bread." It's not bad for fast food, but there is no trace of this phantom sun-dried tomato sauce and the bread seems more simple than "artisan." The bacon is crispy enough, the cheese appears to be real and although it looks like a compact sandwich with a tiny portion of turkey, it has a nice satisfying bite to it. It doesn't look, taste or feel like a fast-food product; it's exactly the kind of grilled cheese you'd make at home if you happen to have some turkey and bacon to add on. The biggest drawback, impossible to overlook, is the greasiness. Of course, you always a bit of that with a grilled sandwich and it's not a bad thing, but this thing goes above and beyond with its grease factor. Multiple napkins are not enough.

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