Two-Fisted BLTA

Two-Fisted BLTA at First Food & Bar
First Food & Bar is a fun place to eat. It is one of several Las Vegas Strip restaurants offering a tasty, somewhat upscale twist on traditional bar food, and the chef behind First (Sam DeMarco) is often credited with starting this movement and inventing items like the slider, or mini-burger.

So while there are tons of delicious appetizers and exciting small plates to be sampled here, the sandwiches could use some work. Case in point, this behemoth of a BLT. It is stacked, and I mean stacked, with thick, crispy bacon, great slabs of tomatoes, avocado slices and big crispy onion rings to boot. The bread is two large, dry slices of toast. It's big and it's pretty, but there is little to no taste going on here, and the size is what fucks everything up. Not only is it cumbersome and difficult to eat, but every ingredient seems oversized so if you do manage to cram it into your face, you won't get a bite with a bit of everything. This sandwich is simply too much of a good thing.

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