Bagel & Egg Sandwich

Bagel & Egg Sandwich at Bagel Cafe
You're not going to find this exact sandwich anywhere on The Bagel Cafe's menu. It was invented one morning out of necessity -- the perfect union of bacon, fried egg and cheese, all combined in order to sooth the wicked beast known as the raging hangover.

From its carby base up, this sandwich delivers. The bagels are oversized, chewy and flavorful, and I've yet to come across a flavor that doesn't complement the overall sandwich. (No surprises there -- the bagels better be good, considering the place is named for them.) The sandwich is one of the cafe's egg and bagel offerings, and I usually order mine with one egg fried over easy, then add bacon, cheese and tomato. The waitresses rattle off at least five available kinds of cheese, but I generally stick with cheddar. The bacon and tomato are essential as the bacon grease absorbs lingering queasiness and the tomato sneaks a little extra hydrating water content into the sandwich. Plus, the whole damn thing just tastes good together. Really, really good.

The only way this thing would be better is if it could be ordered with a bloody mary on the side.

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