Totally Tuna

Totally Tuna Sub at Jimmy John's
As far as my tastebuds are concerned, Jimmy John's has jumped to the forefront of massive sandwich franchises. We will always be partial to fresh ingredients assembled with loving care, and JJ's seems to serve exactly that on a consistent basis, and in a very speedy manner.

Tuna salad is not something I'm going to order very much, but this version is strong. Moist, not too much mayonnaise, just enough texture from some chopped veggies mixed in, and just enough seasoning to make ordinary tuna fish something special. JJ's standard sub roll is reliably great, soft and chewy, providing that satisfying tear action with each bite. Large slices of tomato and cucumber probably make this sandwich pop above all else. I'm all for sprouts, but either those or the shredded iceberg is bringing a little too much bitterness to the overall tuna experience. That's the only unpleasant thing about this sandwich.

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