Vegetarian Turkey Sub

Vegetarian Turkey Sub at Capriotti's
At a sandwich shop known for serving arguably the most popular turkey sandwich in the nation, my go-to order features something called vegetarian turkey, a soy-based, non-meat replacement. It’s a head-smacker, I know.

I discovered the Capriotti’s veggie turkey years ago, during the height of a strict vegetarian diet. The sandwich was a ray of light, a beacon of hope, because it was simultaneously vegetarian and delicious. There is something about the specific veggie turkey used at Capriotti’s, combined with provolone, a sprinkling of lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, olive oil and yellow mustard, that just tastes good. So sacrilegious as some might find it, I say with conviction that the Capriotti’s veggie turkey is even better than the real thing. Go ahead, say it: Crazy.

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