Chili Dog

Chili Dog at Pink's
It's important to note this chili dog was consumed at Pink's in Las Vegas, at the Planet Hollywood resort on the Strip, and not at the iconic original Pink's on La Brea Boulevard in Los Angeles, which opened in 1939. I'm betting it's the same chili dog at both spots, but I've heard and read some chatter that Vegas Pink's just ain't the same. That's a common complaint when some famous food stand or restaurant makes the jump to Vegas, but in my experience, it's only valid about half the time.

The normal Pink's chili dog has mustard, chili and onions. That's what I ordered, but I received this sucker, which has plenty of mustard and chili but no onions, and the added appeal of a slice of American cheese hiding in the bun, under the dog and the chili. Pink's is quite famous for its chili, and it's serious stuff: incredibly thick and meaty, densely seasoned with cumin, deep brown and lava-like in consistency. It's not spicy, and in fact could use a little more seasoning. But it's satisfying for those who like classic, diner-style chili, and it's not too greasy. The mustard and cheese are standard (onions would have been nice) and the bun is soft and tasty. Pink's serves Hoffy brand hot dogs, all-beef beauties with the natural casing that provides a snap when you bite in. This is a 10-inch weiner, or a stretch dog as described on Pink's menu. Another interesting touch is that Pink's grills its hot dogs, which really brings out the salty and garlicky flavors of the frank.

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