Mac & Cheese Daddy

Mac & Cheese Daddy at Johnny Smalls
This is fairly ridiculous. The Mac & Cheese Daddy plate from the new Johnny Smalls eatery at the Hard Rock Hotel actually comes as an order of three sliders, each stacked with a nice rounded pile of deep fried macaroni and cheese, heirloom tomato, arugula and garlic aioli. As a sandwich, it's pure crazy, and highly ineffective. The dry, spongy roll clogs up your chewing pleasure, and there's no trace of the taste of the vegetables or spread. It's all mac and cheese, and while that part is mildly tasty, it's not nearly flavorful enough to compensate for this culinary experiment gone wrong. Johnny Smalls is a fun, intriguing restaurant, a menu full of small, party-ready noshing options. This isn't one of the good ones.

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