Charred Tuna Sliders

Charred Tuna Sliders at Society Cafe Encore
The slider is a very popular little sandwich these days, even in Vegas, a city slow to jump on foodie trends. The sliders at the upscale Society Cafe at Encore are among Vegas' best. Here you can choose the meat of your preference for these baby burgers: filet mignon, sirloin done Sloppy Joe-style, or these suckers -- charred rare tuna on a puffy little bun with an Asian cucumber salad (with carrot, maybe sprouts, maybe daikon, and a vaguely sesame light dressing), some shiso (an Asian herb like mint only not as strong) and some barely-there wasabi cream.

Each of these sliders is about a three-biter, and it's a pretty tasty bite. The fish is fresh, firm and dense, just like a great piece of sashimi with a very quick sear around the edges. The other toppings are correctly subtle, letting the tuna shine. The bun was a bit dry, but what's inside is moist enough to create a pleasant consistency.

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