Double Combo

Double Combo (turkey pastrami and salami) at Bagel Cafe
I love the bread. Bagel Cafe bakes its own breads and this seedy rye is exceptional, with perfect textures and a standout flavor strong enough to compete with this massive meat stack. Great, great bread.

I'm not sure, however, if this is what I ordered. Overstuffed meat sandwiches are a specialty at Bagel Cafe, and of course you can mix it up with two or three different selections. I asked for turkey pastrami (house-made) and Hebrew National salami, the soft, bologna-ish kind. Perhaps this is just peppered turkey breast, juicy and tasty in its own right, but I'm not sure if the flavors were pastrami-ized. Even so, it was a great, savory combination, complemented only by a generous squirt of National Deli mustard. As you might guess from this photo, it is impossible to eat the whole thing. Half was plenty.

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