Fresh Fish Sandwich

Fresh Fish Sandwich at Garfield's Restaurant
It can't be easy to be Garfield's. This lovely lakeside restaurant is the newcomer to the upscale Vegas suburb known as Desert Shores. The tiny retail center it calls home already is headquarters to the Village Pub video poker bar and cafe and, more importantly, the locally beloved Marche Bacchus, a French bistro with terrific food, great and affordable wine and serene views of the man-made lake. Garfield's has those views too, a charming preppy vibe and a seemingly solid menu. But for now, it seems like the place people will go when Marche Bacchus is too busy. Perhaps it can rise above that description.

Sandwich-wise, Garfield's has its work cut out as well, what with the also beloved lobster salad croissant holding court next door. But this simple fish sandwich is a winner. It's made with whatever the kitchen has fresh, which happened to be sand dabs on this visit. The flaky flounder was cooked perfectly, a nice light bite on this supremely soft roll with tomato, red onion, chopped lettuce and maybe a bit too much sauce, something of a thinned-out tartar. The moisture of the fish and vegetables was enough to provide balance to the bread, so this generous spread of nearly flavorless condiment was quite unnecessary. Otherwise, it's a tasty lunch, complete with thick cut fries and a glass of pinot noir on a breezy day by our fake lake.

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