The Philly Veggie Burger

The Philly Cheese Veggie Burger
I know what you're thinking. What's with all the damn veggie burgers? Two things. (1) The wifey is kinda-sorta vegetarian. Not really, but when she was hardcore, she acquired a taste for veggie burgers. Turns out they're not so bad. (2) When you write about rich food, you eat a lot of rich food, and I'm sorry, but I've got to make some cuts somewhere. I love a good beefy burger, but I have to spread those suckers out.

So veggie burgers it is, sometimes, and there's no sense in making the same old thing over and over. You gotta try something new. I've heard of combining cheesesteak with burger before, and I respect that some people might consider a cheesesteak VB as sacrilege. But this thing is mighty tasty. The benefits of a veggie patty over a beef patty are numerous. It's lighter (so you don't die later on that night) and its flavors are not as overwhelming so this patty is going to blend together more harmoniously with other sandwich ingredients. From the top down, we've got quite a bit of grilled sweet onion and green bell pepper, melted cheddar cheese (vegetarian I'll do, vegan I won't), and a nice VB that was cooked in the same pan as the veggies, all on a soft wheat bun. No, it doesn't taste like a Philly, or a burger. It just borrows. And it delivers. This is probably my favorite VB so far.

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