Grilled Cheddar Panini

Grilled Cheddar Panini at 'Wichcraft
Eating this delicious, cheesy sandwich in the MGM Grand's version of Tom Colicchio's gourmet shop 'Wichcraft made me realize that grilling bread, while creating a universally desirable crispy texture, takes away most of the flavor of that bread, an especially significant loss of you're sticking something like sweet pumpernickel in a buttery panini press. So if you're using tasty high quality ingredients like pumpernickel, smoked ham and thin slices of green apple by these methods, maybe I'm not getting all those flavors in each bite. Maybe I'm just eating a grilled cheese.

That being said, this is a pretty damn good grilled cheese, though the bread appeared to be more marble rye and less pumpernickel, and the cheese may have been too smooth and creamy to be white cheddar. Tang from those apples snuck in every now and then, but ham and cheese dominated. This may be my least favorite sandwich out of all the different offerings at 'Wichcraft, which goes to show you how great this shop is.

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