The Grinder

The Grinder at Which Wich
There's a new sandwich in Vegas, and it's this crazy joint Which Wich. The concept comes from a company that also slings smoothies and burgers via similar methods: You arrive at the shop, become confused, and then realize that you're supposed to pick up a Sharpie and a brown paper bag that has the ingredients of your choice. You specify what you want on your 'wich, they put it together (a bit slowly) and make it nice and toasty, and there you have it.

Getting past a complicated process that is meant to be simple, my first Which Wich 'wich comes from the Italian category. The Grinder has salami, pepperoni and capicola, a familiar and savory combination of meats. I added provolone, lettuce, tomato, pepperoncini, oil and vinegar. The sub rolls here are just fine, and toasted to a pleasant crisp that makes for a pretty satisfying bite. I don't think I've had a straight-up Italian sub toasted like this before, as I ususally prefer it cold, but the heat did bring out some different flavors in the meats.

The sandwich choices at this place seem infinite, so yeah ... expect to see more soon.

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