The Lovelock

The Lovelock (King of Clubs) at Steiner's Nevada Style Pub
All the menu items at Steiner's, a friendly neighborhood Vegas bar, are named for something in Nevada. That would explain why this absolutely respectable club sandwich is named after a western desert town that's known mostly for a big prison. Also, it comes with Steiner's great homemade, crispy, waffle-potato chips.

You get to pick your own bread for any sandwich here, so marble rye it is. Good stuff. When you're having such a common sandwich, mix it up with fancy bread. Roasted turkey, avocado, crisp bacon, tomato, lettuce and Swiss cheese round out a familiar but well-balanced bite. And it's a big bite, as you can see, since this sucker is double-deckered, another reason to go for fancy bread. Bountiful avocado and juicy turkey are the dominant flavors, and it's a satisfying combination.

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