Pulled Porkie

 Pulled Porkie from Slidin' Thru
We at allsandwich have outdone ourselves with this, the crappiest sandwich picture of all time. Great apologies to you, dear reader, and to the fine crew at Slidin' Thru, for this picture is a poor representation of one of the tastiest morsels to ever come out of a gourmet food truck. For a group that specializes in gourmet sliders, these guys sure know how to do some barbecue.

The typical slider bun is just fine, fresh and soft, but it's what's on the inside that counts. The slow-cooked pulled pork is wonderfully tender and avoids overseasoning. It's always best to let pig do its own thing. Topped off with beautifully caramelized jalapeno and a sweet, slightly spicy barbecue sauce, the Pulled Porkie is three to four bites of awesomeness. No wonder this is a crowd favorite when the Vegas slider truck is cruising the streets.

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