The Mogul

The Mogul at Avogadro's Number
This comfy college-area bar and live music spot in Fort Collins reminds me a lot of what I imagine (but cannot remember) my family sandwich shop back home in Eugene, Oregon, was like. I like it, and I like the food a lot, even if it is kinda hippy-style and they serve tempeh burgers and crazy stuff like that. But there is meat on the menu, and plenty of it on the mogul, a soft sub roll stacked with sliced and grilled bird and loads of veggies coated in melted Swiss. The Mogul has quite the hot-and-cool vibe going, with sauteed mushrooms and grilled onions and bell peppers, and then the juxtaposition of lettuce, tomato, creamy dijon mustard and a solid house dressing. Like the other bites I've sampled at Avo's, this sandwich is fresh and delicious.

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