Captain's Order

Captain's Order at Slidin' Thru HQ
We've feasted on tons of mini-burgs from this Vegas food truck favorite, but these two Captain's Order sliders were the first thing we chomped at Slidin' Thru's new mini-restaurant out by the airport.

The Captain is one of the more refined tastes on a menu of straight-up slider fun. In addition to a cute little ball of angus beef, it's got bacon, feta cheese, sauteed onions, tomato and arugula. That's a lot to put on a baby burger. Plus, it's all sauced up with a balsamic reduction, bringing a little sweetness and strength. The balsamic and feta is a powerful combo, and adding crispy bacon and arugula are flavor upgrades. At Slidin' Thru HQ, you can also get these toppins on the Captain's Order superfries, which are fantastic.

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