Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich

Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich at Windy City Beefs N Dogs
Don't know for sure, still ain't been there, but all evidence points to this being straight up Chicagoish.

This tiny but nice sandwich shop in my hood seems to have been several different businesses in recent years, under different ownership, yet always sandwich-oriented. It was originally a Togo's. But now it's Windy City, and it looks and feels pretty much like a big city shop, and hey, it was cold and windy the day we tried it out. So there ya go.

This is only about three inches of the Italian Beef by Windy City, a sliced Gonnella Italian roll absolutely stuffed with thin slices of roast beef drenched in au jus, melting mozzarella cheese and spicy giardinera veggie mix. We ordered, they asked if we wanted it dipped, we said yeah, and then they dipped the whole thing back in the jus for extra messy, extra salty, extra juicy fun. So remind me: why do I need to go to Chicago?

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