Turkey Panini

Turkey Panini at Bouchon
The reliably outstanding Vegas version of Bouchon recently began serving a real lunch menu, and it appears as if, on my first proper lunch visit there, I ordered the most boring option on the proper lunch menu.

It's a turkey panini, perfectly normal sandwich meat with greens and a wonderfully tangy, melted gruyere cheese. Nothing wrong with these insides, other than complete mediocrity. It's the bread that messes this one up, and that's kind of disappointing because hey, this is Bouchon. They bake great things. This bread is dry to begin with, and then it's grilled flat and ... yeah, all downhill. But I'm not mad at Bouchon. Sometimes you gotta take the blame yourself. After all, I ordered it. So stupid ... next time salmon rilletes for sure. Spread that greatness on the house baguette and you've got a simple, spectacular sandwich.

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