Up In Smoke

The Up In Smoke special sub at Naked City Pizza Shop
We were a little sad when the Naked City shop closed up its tiny sandwich headquarters located in the actual Naked City, that patch of Vegas between the Strip and downtown, and relocated inside a bar called Moondoggie's on the west side. The location is a little less convenient, but on the plus side, there is more space for these guys to do their thing -- which now includes a great big pizza menu -- in a cozy, dirty dive bar destination. And most importantly, they kept their great sandwiches on the menu.

This one, the special sub for the month of April, is quite the endeavor. The guys are curing their own pastrami and dropping hefty, fatty slices of it on their very own fresh baked garlic cheddar bacon baguette. It's not like any baguette you've had before, because the bread recipe is fashioned from Naked City's great pizza dough. So it's the shape of a sub but the texture is kinda doughy, kinda biscuity, and full of flavor. Topping things off are a sharp jack cheese, creamy mustard and crisp, sweet onions. The bread is very interesting, the pastrami flavor is right on the money and wonderfully smokey, but the meat is a bit too fatty. Almost a perfect bite, but Naked City gets extra points, as always, for creativity.

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