Beef Brisket Sandwich

Beef Brisket Sandwich at The Beat Coffeehouse
This is the bite that made The Beat. What I mean is: this is a cool little coffee shop where people like to hang out, plug in, and be hip. I don't really participate in those activities. I only care about sandwiches. Furthermore, The Beat is downtown on East Fremont, a place where there are plenty of cool places to hang out and very few worthy places to eat. My two favorite downtown sandwich spots, Naked City Sandwich Shop and Strip Sandwich Shop, have relocated or shuttered in the last year. So that makes The Beat very important.

This sandwich is stocked with tender, juicy, shredded beef (slow cooked brisket), pickled red onions, arugula, and mayo under the influence of something spicy. The menu says jalapeno mayo, but it seems more horseradishy. Whatever it is, it's delicious, a nice combination of great, simple ingredients, all teaming up on a perfect baguette from Bon Breads. Not sure if there is a better sandwich in downtown Vegas.

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