Nicoise Sandwich

Nicoise Sandwich at Pinot Brasserie
I never would have thought to put a classic Nicoise salad on a soft, delicious ciabatta and call it a sandwich. And I never would have thought I'd find something so good at Pinot Brasserie, kinduva forgotten French restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. It's hidden next door to the much better-known Valentino Italian eatery, on the casino level of the Venetian. But it's been there forever and the food is still good, and I may be in love with this sandwich.

So what's in a Nicoise? Well, it's always tuna, and on the sammich version it's slices of beautifully seared, peppered ahi, spread with a little olive relish. Got to have olives in the nee-swah. Haricot verts are a constant in the dish, so yep, first time ever eating green beans on a sandwich. They aren't the right size or shape for bread stackage, but they're cool, crisp and tasty, so it works out. Finishing it up are slices of hard boiled egg and a roasted red pepper and basil salad mixture. It's all the flavor of a French classic, ready for on-the-go munching. Well, not really. It's not like Pinot Brasserie has a drive-through window. Hmm, wait ... In-N-Out-Nicoise? Don't steal my idea.

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