Beef Burger

Beef Burger at Central
So there was plenty of excitement when excitable Frenchman Michel Richard opened his new version of Central in the lobby at Caesars Palace, but we were a little disappointed on our first visit. Was it not exciting? It was. Was the food delicious? It was. Was the service terrible? It was, but you gotta give a brand new joint some time to get their shit together.

And even though this burger was delicious -- and beautiful -- it came with a bit of disappointment, too. The flaky English muffin bun tastes great, but as you can see, it was sliced clumsily. The beef is juicy and thick, served with a ripe red tomato slice, melted cheddar and crispy potato tuile action on top. Overall, it's a great bite, but it left a little to be desired in the flavor category. But Central burgers will get another shot with us. We are suckers for excitement.

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