Muffaletta at Magnolia's Veranda
It's hard to explain exactly how, when searching for a tasty sandwich in Downtown Vegas, I ended up sitting down in the coffee shop at the Four Queens. As far as I can tell, unless you're checking in for some beers at the Chicago Brewing Co., there's really no reason to step foot into the Four Queens. But this is Fremont Street; unexpected things happen down here with totally expected frequency.

This version of a muffaletta is stacked with salty, run-of-the-mill ham, mortadella and salami, pretty tasty if unspectacular. There's Swiss cheese, too, and the bread was a little dry but had some nice flavor to it. The biggest problem here was the olive mix, which wasn't very powerful or plentiful. In my mind, the olives are the essential ingredient that make the muffaletta so memorable, and this version comes up a bit short.

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