Diablo Lobster Roll

Diablo Lobster Roll at Lobster ME
Well, well ... what have we got here? It seems the crazy folks at Lobster ME have struck again. Not only are they off their rockers enough to try to build a fast-casual franchise around a single, expensive (yet beloved) ingredient, they're already tinkering with their menu, and the experiment in this case yields improved results. The basis lobster roll, all sweet and buttery, is delicious. The Diablo is a hot and spicy upgrade, something like bouillabaisse on a bun. Red peppery marinara sauce, much like a Fra Diavolo, saturates the chunky lobster bits squished into the buttery, toasty roll. Order it extra spicy or it won't have enough kick, but when it does, it's a flavor knockout. It's messy, meaty, and awesome. There's only one problem: the smaller size, big enough for lunch but small enough to tempt you to order up, is almost 20 bucks by itself. Sheesh. These guys are gonna have to find a way to knock a few bucks off if they plan to take over the world. But ... I paid, ate it all, and I'd do it again.

Roasted Pork Panini

Roasted Pork Panini at 'Wichcraft
That's what I'm talking about. It might not look like a huge pile of juicy piggy meat on this baby, but it is. The compressed, crunchy goodness of panini bread shrinks the size of the sandwich and plays tricks on your eyes. This is actually gigantic, two great big slabs of country bread grilled to crisp, buttery perfection. It's easily the size of two sandwiches, and great for sharing. Packed inside is a simple, lovely mountain of roasted pork, a thin layer of sharp coppa, a thicker layer of melted fontina cheese, and tangy, vinegary pepper relish. This sandwich is actually too good; you can't eat it all because it's too rich and succulent. Another superb offering from 'Wichcraft.


Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Smashburger
It's kinda weird that Smashburger treats chicken the same way it does burgers. That's to say, they pound the bird flat and smash it down on the grill. With ground beef, this method creates an interesting shape and texture, with a nice, nearly crunchy outside. With chicken, it creates an odd, almost rubbery texture to the meat, albeit with a crisp, scorched outside that tastes nice and is pleasant to chomp. But the chicken is the easy part of this surprisingly good sandwich, lacquered with Frank's hot sauce, crumbly blue cheese, lettuce and tomato on a soft, buttery bun. It's another winner from the Smash crew, a great variation on our love for spicy chicken wings with something creamy and cheesy to dip them in.


Sandwich Sundays Presents: The Taco Muffin

The Taco Muffin
Does anyone else remember when Taco Bell served Bellburgers? Or am I super old? This breakfast mini-sandwich is Bellburger-inspired, a whole wheat English muffin with green chili-spiced, taco-style ground turkey, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and jack cheese. It's not quite there: the sweetness of the muffin struggles against the spicy taco meat, but overall it's a satisfying, meaty bite. Just think of it as a hybrid between a Bellburger and an Egg Mcmuffin.


Junkyard Dog

Junkyard Dog at Weinerschnitzel
For the average eater, a new kind of hot dog at a fast food restaurant might generate slight interest. For me, it equals therapy. Why do I do this to myself? Why can't I just NOT EAT this stuff? The shrink doesn't have any answers.

The JYD at the 'schnitz is the standard chili cheese dog plus French fries, mustard and grilled (diced) onions. This is an improvement, mostly because the 'schnitz fries are probably the best, most satisfying item on the entire menu. They're thin, crispy, and not too greasy. They're nice, but a big bite of fries plus this appalling weiner is not a pleasant textural combo. It's yucky. The onions add a little depth of flavor, but not enough to make this thing edible.

440 Sandwich

440 Sandwich at Rachel's Kitchen
Doesn't "Rachel's Kitchen"sound like the type of place that serves "gourmet sandwiches" such as a nice, healthy, tasty one with grilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo on toasty wheat bread? Of course it does. Not trying to be snarky. Rachel's is actually one of the best places to eat at The District at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, a quaint suburban retail walk that could use a little more retail and a little less quaint. Nevertheless, this is a delicious sandwich, particularly the creamy goat cheese working against the sweet, delightful roasted peppers.