Diablo Lobster Roll

Diablo Lobster Roll at Lobster ME
Well, well ... what have we got here? It seems the crazy folks at Lobster ME have struck again. Not only are they off their rockers enough to try to build a fast-casual franchise around a single, expensive (yet beloved) ingredient, they're already tinkering with their menu, and the experiment in this case yields improved results. The basis lobster roll, all sweet and buttery, is delicious. The Diablo is a hot and spicy upgrade, something like bouillabaisse on a bun. Red peppery marinara sauce, much like a Fra Diavolo, saturates the chunky lobster bits squished into the buttery, toasty roll. Order it extra spicy or it won't have enough kick, but when it does, it's a flavor knockout. It's messy, meaty, and awesome. There's only one problem: the smaller size, big enough for lunch but small enough to tempt you to order up, is almost 20 bucks by itself. Sheesh. These guys are gonna have to find a way to knock a few bucks off if they plan to take over the world. But ... I paid, ate it all, and I'd do it again.

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