Sandwich Sundays Presents: The Monk

The Monk
The evolution of our signature vegetarian sandwich continues. We're calling this the Monk because it's an abbreviated version of the Monkey, and also because it's a little more serene and thoughtful. Can a sandwich be thoughtful? We think so. We tightened up the veggie selection to create a balance of fresh flavors and textural variation, and maintained the slightly rich, satisfying foundation of cream cheese topped with sunflower seeds. On top of that, there's a layer of thin cucumber slices, then meaty slabs of heirloom tomato and super-thin rings of raw red onion. On the ceiling: Inglehoffer creamy dill mustard with lemon and capers, a true treasure. Getting everything in one bite happens naturally, and it's quite delicious—sweet, juicy, cool, creamy and crunchy, with just a bit of sharpness from the onion and the rainbow tastiness of the mustard. The only reason this isn't an A sandwich is the bread, which is utterly delicious but too big and too crusty-hard to bite through. A thick and broad French loaf is hard to resist but not the best beast for sandwich building. Maybe we'll try it on a baguette next time. 

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