Fried Chicken Roadside Sliders

Fried Chicken Roadside Sliders at Double Barrel Road House
This new barbecue joint and beer-friendly appetizer spot smack in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip doesn't really need to serve any good food, but these sliders are pretty tasty. Crispy, savory little chunks of fried bird are mounted on soft little buns and topped with grilled poblano peppers and sweet onions (almost a weird take on cheese steak veggies) with a squirt of ranch dressing. It's a flavorful, not-quite-Tex-Mex combination, and the crunch of the chicken under those buns is just the right bite you want when you order sliders. Double Barrel also does these mini sandwiches with barbecue beef or pork, Buffalo wing-flavored chicken or wood grilled portobello mushrooms.

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