Hangover Burger

Hangover Burger at MTO Café
There's something awesome about shredded lettuce on a burger. It's a welcome mess. Maybe it's the way the crisp vegetable matter helps distribute the sauce slathered inside the bun, or meat juice from the burger, or melty cheese. I guess that could be a bad thing if you're eating a Big Mac, but it's definitely a good thing when it comes to this brunch burger at MTO Café, because the special sauce is not overly sweet, the cheese is Tillamook cheddar, and everything coming out of this perfect patty is savory and delicious. There's also thick, crispy bacon and a fried egg that's been cooked harder so the yolk isn't runny like every other burger these days. It's a nice alteration. The bun is light and slightly sweet but not brioche, just a great roll. Even the shoestring fries seem to be well calculated. This Hangover Burger is just right, and we think it's the best burger in Downtown Vegas.

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