Turkey with Spicy Slaw

Turkey Sandwich with Spicy Slaw
Look, it's real simple: buy good stuff if you want to make a good sandwich. Here, we've sliced and toasted slabs of a spinach feta loaf from Las Vegas' own Great Harvest Bread company, stacked roasted turkey and muenster cheese between them and topped it all off with hot coleslaw from Las Vegas' own Pickled Pantry. And boom, awesomeness. That slaw is pretty effing hot, so when you pick up a jar—and we highly recommend that you do—be cautious with it. It's not super crisp, but the crunch of the bread  creates the texture we were craving, with bonus points for the wonderful, herbaceous smell and taste of its toastyness. It's not that we made a great sandwich. It's more like we found one.

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