Hanger Steak

Hanger Steak at Echo & Rig
Echo & Rig Steakhouse strikes again. This place has done nothing but impress us, especially with its sumptuous sandwich offerings. Here, they've found the perfect roll—lightly crisp on the outside, fluffy yet firm on the inside—to stabilize the rich, earthy flavors of this steak sandwich, anchored by rare, fatty, flavorful hanger steak. If you're getting a good cut and you know how to cook it, this might be the best hunk of cow for a steak sandwich. It's juicy, charred on the outside, and as beefy as it gets. Adding a little spice are roasted Anaheim chiles, with some steakhouse-style richness added on in the form of sautéed spinach. Cutting through the decadence is a bit of preserved lemon and a tangy chimichurri sauce. Serious flavor overload.

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