Smokehouse Turkey Panini

Smokehouse Turkey Panini at Panera Bread
I love a nice, crispy sandwich filled with fresh vegetables, and yet every time I find myself at Panera, I gravitate toward the least healthy items on the menu—melty, meaty stuff like this panini. It's a decent bite, and thankfully not as greasy as it could be. Three-cheese bread doesn't have as much savory flavor as you'd suspect, but there's plenty of guilt-inducing yumminess inside as this warm, pressed sandwich, filled with cheddar cheese, bacon and turkey breast. Sundried tomato ale mustard sounds like it'll have a monstrous kick, but either there isn't much there or it's just as bland as the bread. Considering the bacon and turkey are both smoked, there's a surprising lack of smokiness to the final bite. Still, none of this is surprising. You get a hot sandwich at Panera Bread and you know what to expect.

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