Crispy Turkey Breast Sandwich

Crispy Turkey Breast Sandwich at PDQ
The quality of the food at this new chicken joint PDQ—new to Las Vegas, anyway—came as something of a shock. I was expecting totally generic chicken tenders, and that's generally what it is, but everything tastes way better than I assumed it would. Case in point, this undeniably tasty, surprisingly juicy turkey breast sandwich, coated in crunchy fried goodness. The meat itself isn't very flavorful (this is turkey we're talking about) but the texture is pleasant and the moisture is, again, shocking. The outside is savory and crisp, the egg bun is lovely, and the lettuce, tomato and pickles are fresh and big and nice to eat. PDQ's "sweet heat" sauce, a tangy mayo-ish thing, adds a bit more to each bite. Nice work.

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