Double SmokeShack

Double SmokeShack at Shake Shack
National Hamburger Month isn't over yet, so let's get back into it. The SmokeShack is probably the single best bite at Shake Shack, and maybe it should be the signature burger. Maybe it already is, but it seems like the standard Shack burger is more popular and iconic. This one, however, offers more unique flavors, a spicy and salty combination not readily available at most fast-food burger spots. Shack's supreme-quality beef is topped with smoked applewood bacon—we're talking legit bacon strips with fat and everything, not the paper-thin bacon flakes that sometimes spoil fast-casual bacon cheeseburgers—and a sort of chopped cherry pepper relish, two elements that bring smokey, savory, vinegary notes to the beefy-cheesy party. Those peppers cut through all the fatty richness like no other Shack burger ingredient can. Add some creamy, tangy Shack sauce and it's quite the combo. The only thing that prevents me from going A+ on this one is the simple fact that too much of a good thing is a real concern when it comes to Shake Shack; I prefer these burgers with a single patty for perfect proportions. This double is a monster … a super-delicious monster.

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