Pat LaFrieda Burger

Pat LaFrieda Burger at the D Grill
Pat LaFrieda is a pretty big name in beef. If you go to a restaurant in Las Vegas or New York or anywhere else and see his name on the menu, you're supposed to get excited about the hunk of beef you're about to eat. Every time I've had that experience, the results were fantastic … until now. But I'm not blaming the butcher for the mediocrity of this burger, it's just that it's the most normal burger I've ever eaten, a little overcooked and under seasoned. But it's still 100 percent USDA Choice Angus beef, including a little short rib in the grind for a little fatty flavor. I topped it with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle, so maybe it's my fault if this was a boring burger. But sometimes you just want it basic, and really, really good. This one missed the mark.

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