Overstuffed Lobster Roll

Overstuffed Lobster Roll at Del's Lemonade & Lobster Rolls
Now I know it seems like Las Vegas has every kind of foodstuff you could imagine, and a decent to great version of each dish, too. But it's not completely true. One of my most sandwich-happy friends recently asked where to find a great lobster roll in Vegas, and I was dumbfounded. Should I send them to the transplanted Del's at Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops, a Rhode Island institution known for fresh, sweet, icy lemonade slushies and buttery delicious lobster 'wiches? Meh. This franchised version of Del's is a tiny little spot at this weird outdoor mall thing that just doesn't seem to be equipped to crank out a solid lobster roll. The soft, toasty, buttery roll is okay, and the sweet lobster meat coated in mayo-ish sauce and mixed with celery and dill is plentiful if mediocre. There could be more of it, I suppose, but after a couple bites you won't care. It doesn't pop with freshness, and that's what you want from this iconic sandwich. The hunt for a great Vegas lobster roll must continue.

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