Ham, Egg and Cheese

Ham, Egg and Cheese at Chocolate & Spice
Just killin' you, Burger King. Fuck yo' croissan'wich. Because this is what a breakfast sandwich is supposed to be, a carefully crafted marvel of simple, top quality ingredients. It's not really fair, though, because superchef Megan Romano's croissants at Chocolate & Spice are some of the best you'll find in Las Vegas, incredibly flaky and tender, and wonderfully buttery in a light, cloudy way. They're amazing all alone. Stock them with soft scrambled eggs, melted cheddar cheese and thinly sliced Black Forest ham, and you have pure bliss. You'll try not to eat it all so you can save room for something sweet, another pastry creation from this brilliant westside shop, but you can't help yourself. This is the breakfast bite of your dreams.


Sandwich Sundays Presents: The Prime Steak & Cheese

The Prime Steak & Cheese
So the big error we made on this Sandwich Sundays creation was not putting enough cheese to make it Philly-ish, to get that melty, gooey excessiveness that makes all the difference. But the reason we didn't put too much havarti on this toasty creation is that we didn't want to overpower the meat, which is sliced and sizzled filet mignon left over from one of the greatest steakhouse meals of all time at Prime at Bellagio. While we were gorging ourselves on fancy deliciousness and watching the Bellagio fountains dance, we never considered we'd be making a sandwich out of this perfect steak the next day. Sometimes things go your way.


French Dip

French Dip with Au Jus at Peppermill
So the question with the French Dip is simple: Is it better with shaved roast beef, shreds of tender meat that fall apart deliciously when you dip and bite, kinda New Orleans debris-style? Or should the meat be sliced slightly thicker so each piece holds its form, leading to a less messy sandwich experience? It's a tough call. The Peppermill goes the route of the latter, with thin slices of savory beef that keep it together. Add a little melted provolone because why not and you've got some very pleasant textures when the toasty French roll gets dipped into the jus for soft, warm, juicy goodness. Peppermill does many sandwiches simply and well, and this is one of them.


Dublin Corned Beef Brisket Sandwich

Dublin Corned Beef Brisket Sandwich at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill
Superchef Gordon Ramsay opened three restaurants in one year on the Las Vegas Strip in 2012—a steakhouse, then a pub, then a burger joint. The steakhouse and burger joint are both among the best in their category compared to other Vegas options. The pub? Not so much. At least not when it first opened. We had some disappointing meals there, and we weren't the only ones. But because it's Ramsay, and because it has the best possible location in Caesars Palace, and because of the type of restaurant it is, we knew that in due time we'd be back at this pub to see if it turned out to be as delicious as we'd hoped. Our recent visit proves that to be the case. And the highlight of the lunch was this killer corned beef sandwich, fatty, tender, moist, savory brisket brined to absolute perfection and stacked tall on dark caraway rye. Guyere cheese, a proper portion of tangy sauerkraut, pickled onions and gooey cucumber dressing make it a messy masterpiece, and quite Reuben-esque, too. This is one of those sandwiches that comes out, makes you drool, and forces you to eat the whole thing even though half is more than a meal. Perhaps Ramsay's pub has come a long way.