Bacon Clubhouse Burger

Bacon Clubhouse Burger at McDonald's
I suppose I need to give credit to McDonald's for crafting a burger that doesn't taste like a McDonald's burger. But I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Also, I'm not sure if it tastes better than a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, for example. Instead of a sesame seed bun, it has the clown's "artisan roll," which is shiny and fluffy. It has the same cow disc, and the same sauce as the sweet goo that comes on a Big Mac, but there are respectable bacon strips, caramelized grilled onions (which appear to be the key element in the non-McD taste phenomenon), leaf lettuce instead of shredded iceberg, tomato and a slab of white cheddar. It looks like fast food but it doesn't really taste like it. I suppose it's a step up, or at least a half-step. Three quarters of a step?

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