Green Hulk

The Green Hulk at Truffles N Bacon Cafe
Home to one of our favorite burgers in Las Vegas, Truffles N Bacon Cafe likes to tout that it's about more than truffles and bacon—it means the menu offers more than indulgent comfort foods. But what the place actually does best is takes simple ingredients and presents them in a way that results in indulgence and utter satisfaction. Take the Green Hulk. It's just grilled chicken with smashed-up avocado—lots of it—plus roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and tomatoes on thick slabs of sourdough toast. You've had a million sandwiches with different combinations of these ingredients. But together, through the crunch of the sourdough and the velvety luxury of all that avocado, they become something greater and something very delicious. It's also a very filling sandwich, and you'll feel bad about eating more than half of it. But you'll still do it.

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