Beerhaus Brat

Beerhaus Brat at Beerhaus
Beerhaus is exactly the kind of place where you want to pregame before going to a hockey game or a massive rock concert, and that's why it's planted next to the new T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip. The menu is mostly beer with a few tasty snacks and sandwiches, and this brat is one of the highlights: An IPA-infused cheddarwurst topped with smoked bacon and onion jam and crispy fried shallots. It does feel like it needs some cheese on top, perhaps instead of these fancy condiments, because you just get a taste of cheese from within the sausage. But the flavors are otherwise on point, and the snappy brat is just the right size of snack so you won't get weighed down for the rest of the night. You might have to come back for another after the show.

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