New England Lobster Roll

New England Lobster Roll at The Oyster Bar
A super legit lobster roll might seem an unlikely find inside of a neighborhood casino way out in northwest Las Vegas, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you consider the Oyster Bar at Palace Station (more centrally located) is a Vegas seafood institution and Station Casinos has attempted to mimic its success with a location at this more distant Santa Fe Station property. The original, however, is known more for raw shellfish, gumbo and pan roasts. That stuff is on the menu at Santa Fe, too, but then you discover this New England treat, nice-sized chunks of sweet lobster meat in a fresh, vegetable-crisp, not-too-saucy salad, crammed into a buttery, toasty cube of delicious bread. It's a bit unlike the traditional lobster roll but it's certainly satisfying and misleadingly large. Delicious Cajun spice-dusted fries are a perfect complement, but this sandwich—a knife-and-fork job for real—gets the job done all by itself. There could be a better lobster roll in the desert, but we have yet to find it.

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